Feng shui drivingDriving test and theory test has common goal – driving license.
Every traffic member has common goal – safe driving. Probably is it driving according to feng shui principles?

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I decided to compare men and women in getting driving license. Of course a lot of people would say that men get driving license easier, because they are thought to be better in driving. It is just stereotype, which got implanted in our minds. I don’t know about all countries because I live in Sweden so I will tell only about what I know.

To get driving license in Sweden, which in Swedish we call körkort, is neither easy nor difficult. Of course you should study theory (körkortsfrågor) throughly and take practical lessons. I guess it is the same in all other countries also. What I have noticed during my driving studies is that not always men are better in driving and in theory. With theory it is obvious, that men don’t have enough patience to sit and study it. That can cause them serious problems because they can’t get Swedish körkort without passing theory exam. I was helping one of my friends study theory for driving license. I understood that he felt confident about his knowledge but in theory he wasn’t that good. Sometimes that confidence interfere driving ability. My classmate Peter was very self-confident before he entered driving school. He said that he could get driving license in one month. After first driving lesson he was very angry because instructor said that everything he does is incorrect. Probably someone taught him some wrong things about driving. When girls go to the first driving lesson they most commonly don’t know anything about cars and driving, that’s why it is possible to teach girls do everything correctly from the start.

It took me 3 months to get my körkort. Don’t know if it is long or ok, but my cousin Marc, who started studies at the same time, passed all test later than I did.