Environment Friendly Billing Software For Mac

Healthy way of life and “green” business are being popularized in our society. I also decided to make my company a little bit friendly to the environment. First step that I made was buying billing software for mac. And then I realised, that it is not only “green”, but also more efficient for my company.

I asked my employees to try not to print out documents if only it is necessary. And after one month I concluded, that we had spent just 100 paper shits instead of usual 500. It means that one paper pack will be enough for five months. Billing software makes big saving. The same is with printer toner. The saving is obvious. I also asked all my suppliers to send me invoices by e-mail. But some invoices I still need to print out. Otherwise bookkeeper can’t make postings on them. Future goal for me is to update bookkeeping system, so that there was not necessity to print out any documents.

Before I start sending invoices electronically, I need to have an agreement of recipient to get e-invoice. Some old-fashioned customers often refuse to receive invoices by e-mail. I realised that there is no point in trying to change some conservative people minds. I created my own approach to them. I made discounts or offered some kind of bonuses for those customers, who agree to receive invoices by e-mail. It’s not surprising that this way of persuading is always working. Billing software for mac is my first step to making my company environment friendly. And I’m not going to stop.